Seafood in Sunnmøre

Away from books, lecturers and weekly exercises; it has always been my impression that the biggest and best lessons occur while I'm out DOing stuff. Thus, one of my favourite things to do as a student, is to take advantage of the many great opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Sett Sjøbein's Marine Student Bootcamp was definitely one of these opportunities - ranking as one of my favourite "extracurricular" endeavours so far.

For one week in Sunnmøre, I got to team up with (and against) this amazing bunch of students, working with problems within the pelagic fish industry.


The pelagic fish industry in Norway mainly concerns the two species mackerel and herring - and thus our assignement was to create a product, process, technology or marketing campaign that increased value creation within the industry, and/or across its value-chain. 


We started by visiting different companies from all over the value-chain, giving us a broad insight into the different components that make up the industry.


Supported by the great people of Icelandic Startups we went through ideation, wrote a business plan, and finally pitched our idea in front of a panel of judges.


The bootcamp was intensive, but I learned a lotAbout the pelagic fishery industry, of course - but maybe even more so about the underlying processes going from problem, to idea, to concept, to business plan, to pitch. These are skills I believe would be valueable for any student, and are highly transferable far beyond seafood.

So for anyone interested in seafood, aquaculture, or just want a platform to learn creative concept-development skills - I would strongly suggest applying for the next bootcamp, which is already now in November.

Oh, and the food was amazing.

by Preben Imset Matre