Sailing For Science: Belated update, September 4th

On Monday we started sampling and adjusting our equipment. The boat Tomana sailed to a tourist beach just outside Kos Old Harbour and took water samples.


Here you see Nico placing the intake line for the FIA (flow injection analysis) on the side of the boat. This will be used to detect levels of hydrogen peroxide in the water.


And Maria handling the apparatus and data during water sampling.

The boat Awareness started collecting samples for micro plastic and phytoplankton. The equipment used for micro plastic is a floating surface net, which is dragged by the boat horizontally along a transect. The net has a mesh size of 300 µm, and a bottle collecting the particles at the end.


Here you can see the manta net for sampling micro plastics.

When sampling phytoplankton we use a smaller net, with a mesh size of 55 µm. This is a semi quantitative sampling method, where a lot of species will be represented.


Here you see our captain, Ata, one of our head scientists Can and Songül sampling for phytoplankton.

by Helene Velle Mayer